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  Challenge 1  

 The Big CO2 Swap  

If everyone in Northumberland looked for 64km of opportunities to ditch the car and walk or cycle (the length of its coastline), collectively we would save 26,541 tonnes of car exhaust Co2 (based on average 130g per mile CO2). We're challenging the county to achieve this over the course of a month - that's just over 1 mile per day for each citizen.

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  Challenge 2  

 10-min challenge  

For a month ditch the car for all journeys you would normally do that take 10 mins or less (20 min round trip – approx. 1 mile at average walking pace). Things like going to the local shop – visiting a nearby friend or relative.

Taking a Walk

  Challenge 3  

 The Weekly Walk  

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No matter where in the county you live, there is always something new to discover - challenge yourself to find a new walk in your local area each week for a month.

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  Challenge 4  

 One journey less  

For a month, think of one journey per week where the you would usually use the car that could potentially be done on foot, or by bicycle... or that is unnecessary and could be missed out altogether.

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  Challenge 5  

 The sustainable 7  

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The sustainable 7 – Challenge yourself to completely ditch your car for seven days just to see if you can do it!

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  Challenge 6  

 Switch and save  

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Challenge to save yourself £50 in fuel as quickly as possible. For each journey you swap for walking and cycling calculate the cost and rejoice when you reach £50!

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