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Welcome to the future - electric bikes are sweeping the globe, and there's nowhere to hide, even Warkworth! 

Meet Sandra Kerr and her partner David Malone our E-bike enthusiasts who can be spotted zipping around their home town of Warkworth and far beyond thanks to their battery-boosted cycles. 


E-bikes use rechargeable batteries that can travel up to 25 to 45 km/h, much faster than most people would cycle, getting you to your destination quicker and in better shape. In a nutshell they offer low cost, energy efficient, and emission-free transportation.

Since joining the e-bike revolution, Sandra and David are enjoying cycling more than before and using their car less often. They are seeing more of the county and enjoying being outdoors and best of all, they're on far better terms with any steep hills thanks to their 36v cavalry! 

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