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  Walking & cycling 101  

If you've reached this page, we hope that you've made the decision to say goodbye to the car (at least some of the time) and hola to two wheels and a trek. But now that you're 'pumped' about cycling you need to actually 'get pumped' by checking your tyres are inflated correctly along with other regular safety checks. Please take a look at the information below that will help you to stay safe, find your way and get the most out of your new sustainable lifestyle!

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All the gear no idea
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Finding your way
Staying safe

 All the gear - no idea!  

Cycle sales have rocketed during lockdown, however it's safe to say that not all new owners may be - how do we put it politely - 'completely familiar' with the needs of their exciting new two-wheeled companion. 


Snazzy lycra and a bumbag are no substitute for a good understanding of the rules of the road so we've rounded up some of the best websites for upgrading your knowledge and skills to so that they are as sharp as your (definitely not compulsory!) spandex shorts. 

Image by Greg Rosenke
All the gear

Setting up a bike - including saddle height

Cycling UK - start cycling

Highway code for cyclists

Highway code for walkers

25 essential pieces of advice for new cyclists

 Finding your way... 

Understanding your local cycleways and footpath networks is key to building confidence and getting motivated to get out and about more.

Exploring new routes and discovering something new in a place you thought you knew so well is always a buzz. Here are some of the best websites around for planning your next outing. 

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Finding your way

National cycle network

Ramblers walking routes

Northumberland OS map 

South East Northumberland walking map

Northumberland cycle route  maps

GoSmarter public transport planner

 Staying safe  

Government research tells us that the health benefits of walking and cycling far outweigh the risks at a population level. However on an individual level, all activities have a level of risk, so it is important that you do what you can to minimise yours and stay safe. 

Below are some useful infographics and links that are designed for beginners and experienced walkers and cyclists alike. Just like an aeroplane safety video, many of you may be used to travelling this way and think you know the rules, but we'd all feel a lot better if you just read the safety card just in case! 


Staying safe

 M - check  

THINK! Cycle safety on the road

Cycling safety for children

Cycle Sprog - how to cycle with a child onboard

Safety advice for walkers (Ramblers Association)

How to thief proof your bike


 Try our  FREE guided meditation podcasts >>> 

Slow down and take your time to notice the world around you while you are out walking. This series of podcasts had been created to help you make that gear change in your life to help reduce stress and increase your sense of wellbeing.

In each episode, Amanda from Cygnus Mental Health will take you through the meditation which includes bringing awareness to your breathing and walking, something we do every day but often don't think about.  We hope the themes remind you of the beautiful county we live in and bring a sense of peace to your day.

Episode 1 - Around town
00:00 / 16:42
Episode 2 - On the beach
00:00 / 15:51
Episode 3 - At home
00:00 / 16:57
Episode 4 - In the countryside
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