Lockdown  life lessons... 

When the country was told to stay at home and only leave for food shopping or exercise during lockdown, many of us were unceremoniously forced to changed our behaviours. While our key workers were bravely battling the front line, the majority of us were simply asked to stay at home and stay safe.


Our car's were rendered useless and bikes and boots that hadn’t seen the light of day for weeks, months… or even years, were given a second chance at life! Exercise was to begin and end at home and being lucky enough to live in one of the loveliest spots in England we walked, hiked, peddled and pushed our way around Northumberland in a bid to beat the boredom and banish the lockdown bloat. 

All of a sudden we changed gear and for many of us, everything felt slower and less stressful.

We discovered new places and spaces, we bought bicycles and maps and we rediscovered the simple pleasures in life. 

  Meet our families... 

Meet the families who changed their habits during lockdown and who think that peddle power is here to stay and getting out and about on foot is the new normal.

A fresh start for 2021

The pandemic and lockdowns have done great harm, but they have also brought out the best in people and reminded us of the power of what can happen when we all change together. We realised we didn’t need half as much as we thought we did to feel happy – we ditched our cars, walked more, checked in on our neighbours and shopped local to support our businesses.


Let's keep up this way of life in 2021 by adopting new and better transport habits and by recognising that small changes by everyone add up to a better way of life.