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 What is the BIG Northumberland Gear Change?  

The Big Northumberland Gear Change is a local campaign to encourage us all to slow down, take stock and adopt more sustainable ways of moving around the county by walking, cycling and using public transport more often. 

Reducing our reliance on cars is crucial to achieving Northumberland's net zero target by 2030. With only 13% of all journeys in Northumberland made on foot or by bike and with a third of all trips made in the county less than 5km, there is plenty of potential for us all to ditch our cars some or all of the time in favour of healthier, greener and happier ways of getting around.

Up for a challenge?

 Need  support? 

From bike safety and equipment to route maps and events, we've pulled together some of the most useful information and links in one place to help you get knowledgable, get confident and get out and about!